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Our Team

Partnering Professionals with the Personal Touch

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

Care is always a process, a chain of commitment. And behind every frontline are those who help make good things happen, those who contribute the technology, the tools and the trusted equipment that can change lives. The world of animal health is no different – and at Veterinary Instruments Limited (VIL) we are proud of the key place we hold in the veterinary industry’s chain of quality care.
As an independent Irish company dedicated to distributing wholesale veterinary instruments to our partners in veterinary practice, our job is to help the valued vets we serve be the best they can be for the animals in their care. We’re here to provide our professional partners with quality products and equipment – reliably, safely, and with a very human touch.

What We Provide
VIL distributes all forms of veterinary medicine, consumables, instrumentation and pharmaceuticals. Our partners include leading veterinary hospitals and practices and equine clinics while we also work with companion animal and farm animal practices. Our experienced, expert team members contact, visit and advise their clients while all goods and products are distributed throughout Ireland and the continent.
We operate from our purpose-built premises in Ballyvaughan, North Clare and dispatch to all provinces in Ireland.
We supply products from a wide range of manufacturers, including Huvepharma, Krka, Chempharm, Genia, Chirana, Shoreline, Doctorgimo, Norbrook and other quality Irish wholesalers, suppliers and worldwide manufacturers.

Our Story
VIL is proud to be Irish born, bred and grown. Our story began in 1980 when Brendan O’Donoghue, who had built an impressive career with several pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Dublin, relocated home to scenic Ballyvaughan and set up the business. In 1988, Brendan’s son Patrick O’Donoghue joined the company. VIL quickly became a keenly successful wholesale veterinary instruments distributor, growing from strength to strength with every year.

How We Make a Difference
As a veterinary partner, we understand the constant challenges you face in your work – and we’re passionate about being there to help provide the solutions you need. We are well-established and fully equipped to offer you with industry-leading products and services at competitive prices, while giving you the convenience and savings of ordering from a single source.
Our dedicated people serve the veterinary profession with interest, innovation, dedication and attention-to detail, and uncompromised QUALITY is the company’s signature. From the beginning, our ethos has been ‘Anything the Vet Touches, We Touch Beforehand’ – it’s that simple, and the difference it makes to veterinary practices throughout Ireland and Europe is felt every day.

Our Vision
Informing every VIL decision and customer interaction is our clear and simple Vision – to be recognised as the leader of veterinary medicine, consumables, instrumentation and pharmaceuticals in the Irish marketplace.

Our Mission
We achieve our vision by working hard to establish reliable partnerships within the veterinary market – connecting you, our valued customer, with trusted, quality, results-driven brands so that you can deliver the very best to animals in your care.

Our Values

Animals First
Our priority is to always support veterinarians in their stewardship of animal health and welfare, and in the role they play promoting public health.

We do everything we can to provide you with the best quality veterinary products, at the right price and on time – every time. And if we don’t have it – we’ll source it for you.

Quality Always
Every product or service we provide has been carefully selected for its ability to meet the needs of veterinary professionals as well as the animal owners themselves.

In our business, continuity is king, and key to our success is the ability to provide a consistent, reliable, long-term supply of quality branded products.

We welcome change and development: we remain abreast of new practices and concepts and have diversified with progressive contemporary brands over the years. We take new thinking on board and translate this back into the industry for the good of all. We are open to challenge and inspired by progress so that our clients have access to the best veterinary supplies in the world.

We invest in staff development, which gives you a better, more efficient and informed service.

We continuously assess our delivery of products and services to see how and where we can improve.

Patrick O'Donoghue

Managing Director

At the forefront of the supply chain for VIL for many years, Patrick has helped grow VIL into a leading veterinary supplies wholesale distributor in Ireland. Through Patrick’s commitment to the business, and his overall willingness to help his customers, he has become an industry leader and a dedicated partner relied upon by hundreds of veterinarians across Ireland.

Barbara Faulkner

Office Manager

A Donegal native, Barbara has been a member of the VIL family for over 10 years. Barbara is fundamental to the operation of the office – offering interested help and advice to her clients and customers and always going the extra mile.

Kieran Linnane

Accounts and Purchasing Manager

Bringing a wealth of experience in the vehicle and renewable energy industries, Kieran is responsible for sourcing quality, essential and affordable products for his veterinarian clients.

Liam Burke MRCVS

Technical Advisor

As VIL’s technical advisor for many years, Liam seamlessly applies his veterinary and technical knowledge to VIL’s commercial environment. His essential input ensures the company remains innovative, progressive and fast-growing.

Mick Kelly

Logistics Manager

A part of the VIL family for more than 10 years, Mick is central to planning, coordinating, and monitoring of all VIL logistic operations.

Aidan Connolly


A valuable member of Mick’s Logistics team for over 5 years, Aidan is always on hand to assist and advise customers where he can.

Emer Duane

Regulatory Supervisor

Emer takes care of the company’s day to day regulatory affairs and activities, ensuring VIL remains compliant with all essential industry regulations and procedures.

Safdarr Abass


Safdarr has been working in warehousing for several years and is proud of the ‘tight ship’ he runs.